Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fuck you microsoft

so my xbox red ringed about a month ago. so while i awaited the arrival of the infamous "coffin" i did that towel trick. for those of you who don't know what i am talking about watch this youtube video

try to ignore how obnoxious and unfunny "CheapyD" is.
we'll forgive him for being such a tool because his towel trick actually works.

so anyway my xbox continued to work for about 2 weeks which was pretty rad but now its red ringed again and i had to give in and send it out...just in time for the release of rainbow six vegas 2. kickass, right?

i reconnected my old ps2 ( i do not own a ps3 nor can i afford one currently) and have been playing san andreas. but it doesn't look nearly as pretty and at one point i actually caught myself foolishly looking for an HD switch and felt even more foolish when i was surprised by the fact that the controller wasn't wireless.

anyway... theres nothing on tv either and this fucking sucks. i think this is the week i crack down and finally get netflix.

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