Tuesday, July 8, 2008

speaking of court

2 years ago some asshole stole a car and crashed it on the grand central. right after a sharp turn near the astoria blvd exit eastbound. i happened to be driving that day. all cars started stopping short right after the turn. i stopped short and the guy behind me didn't see so he hit me and my car flipped over. on top of that cars where crashing left and right. it was kind of a big deal. huge pile up. all that good stuff. blahblahblah. long story short i am fine and the guy is fine and neither of us collided with anyone else. but now some asshole claims my car hit her car.

today i had to go to a deposition. the woman suing me.. or rather suing "duane" suarez, (at least get my name right!) was injured and decided to press charges against EVERYONE. its kind of bullshit. she apparently had 8 other cases pending from car accidents dating back to 1994. every one of her answers was "i cant recall". AND on top of all that ... she never once mentioned my car once. probably because we never collided. so shes rude to every ones lawyers. all aggro. it was actually kind of amusing. all the other lawyers and i kept making eye contact and trying not to laugh at how ridiculous this woman was. even the court reporter was biting his lip from laughing. THEN like 3 hours into the deposition, out of left wing, she starts CRYING because "due to her injuries" she couldn't fuck her husband and therefore he left her.

what a dumb bitch.

SHE LOOKED FINE TO ME. like its so hard to lie on your back and take it... or even let him stick his dick in your mouth or something! anything! she was walking around just fine. it seems to me that she was probably a lousy lay to start with and he most likely left her because he hates her and she spends all her time pressing false charges.

To Thedora St. Agathe: i just want to say thank you for making me take the day off work to sit in a shitty room listening to your bullshit AND waste my time AND lose a days wages. and have the audacity to be rude to everyone and then cry and tell us all about how your husband finds you repulsive and that you can't get him off. i hate you. there is nothing i can't stand more than people who waste my time with bullshit.

i hope you burn in hell you stupid lazy bitch.

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