Tuesday, August 26, 2008

fuck facebook

i don't think it could possibly be anymore annoying.

first off, if i wasn't your friend in high school, why the hell would i want to be your "facebook friend"? i do not wish to keep in touch with you. i wish to be left alone. the only reason i have not deleted facebook is because it gets me freelance jobs.

secondly, what the hell is all this "apps" shit. (i.e. "how will you die?" invitations, "korean food" requests, mobwars, vampire fight") . what is that shit anyway? it's not a game. you can't win. its completely fucking useless. then they try to charge you for it too. who is dumb enough to pay for these things?
what the fuck is this?

am i getting old or something? do i just not get it? i am very annoyed....oh, and i find its poor navigation to be highly irritating. dumb ass shit.

very angry. ...fuck work... and fuck you too.

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