Monday, September 29, 2008

on other notes

i've also been eating way to much jell-o pudding. playing way too many video games. and eating way too poorly. i don't care what anyone says the force unleashed rules my world right now.

and i should mention that if YOU HAVE XBOX LIVE YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD GEOMETRY WARS EVOLVED 2. its ridiculously awesome. its just like the last evolved except theres like 6 different games you can play. it also rules my world right now. go go go! my personal favorite is King.

also scott sbordones (or rather "scotty bizarro") music video is pretty sweet. the day i went to it i repeated it about ten times. i was also rather inebriated. but it rules when you are sober too. i'll go ahead and quote montana: "it makes me wanna box in prison!"


so after being stressed and angry for the past two weeks....i think the moon was in retrograde or something because it seemed to me that everyone was having problems and stressed out...ANYWAY....

so today i went over to patricia field's to shoot their halloween costumes for their site. and it was just so great. i know i'm such a fucking nerd. i took a few randoms for myself and i think i actually have two pictures for my portfolio. i cant wait to put up some of my favorites.
nothing makes me happier than taking pictures. i love shooting. and i gotta say that makeup artists ans stylists are so fucking necessary. its what takes your pictures from a 5 to a ten. hair too. thank you to michael, verushka, gilda, sushi and julie!

today was a good day.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


i love my ngocks.... prettiest...

i like this polaroid.

i like cutting up my contacts and turning them into playing cards. thank you guy aroch.

the unemployment party!

i haven't updated in two weeks and i feel terrible. so in the last two weeks.....

cadi and i gave shay a makeover...

i've been freelancing...

hung out with old friends...

everyone got pma tattoos...

paul and i quit our dead end jobs and joined the unemployment party!

now this last one is a big deal. well technically i am not unemployed. i am freelance.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

City Magazine September 2008

go buy the september issue of city magazine. i shot for it and i am very excited about it. its the fall fashion issue and its really fancy. YAY!

special thanks dana loia. you rule.

oh and the cover looks like this.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008