Monday, September 29, 2008

on other notes

i've also been eating way to much jell-o pudding. playing way too many video games. and eating way too poorly. i don't care what anyone says the force unleashed rules my world right now.

and i should mention that if YOU HAVE XBOX LIVE YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD GEOMETRY WARS EVOLVED 2. its ridiculously awesome. its just like the last evolved except theres like 6 different games you can play. it also rules my world right now. go go go! my personal favorite is King.

also scott sbordones (or rather "scotty bizarro") music video is pretty sweet. the day i went to it i repeated it about ten times. i was also rather inebriated. but it rules when you are sober too. i'll go ahead and quote montana: "it makes me wanna box in prison!"

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